• protect login & register forms with captcha
  • auto-ban brute-force attackers
  • detailed log of all login-related events
  • redirect users on login and logout

Will it work on my theme?

Yes! Login Ninja works with all themes.

Will it work with my plugins?

It will work with all non-security related plugins. Please contact us if you want to use it with other security plugins.

Will it work with my custom login form?

Yes if your form uses all actions and filters needed by Login Ninja. Otherwise it wont.

Will it work Security Ninja?


Will this plugin slow my site down?


I banned myself! What to do? Help!

There are several options to remove the ban:

  • wait until the ban is lifted
  • login on the site via another IP and delete the ban
  • open your WP database, wp_options table and delete the row that has “option name” set to “wf_login_ninja_banned”
  • open login-ninja.php and place the following code as the first line of init() function (around line #29): clear_banned();